Slums Brawl
In Slums Brawl mode, players will engage into one battle after another with gradually escaling difficulty until they are ultimately defeated, competing to see who is able to last longer.
Every certain number of stages, they will need to face a boss. Besides, on every different level, the stage itself may provide a passive bonus or handicap, forcing players to adapt in order to reach as far as possible. There will be a ranking, so you can fight your way into the top!
ALPHA Version Boss Gameplay
Boss fight DEMO example
Enemies will be generated with random and different stats on every level, so don't only trust their appearances! Remember it will be harder the longer you last.
The Dungeon is also the perfect place to explore in order to find and gather crafting materials. The farther you are able to fight your way into it, the rarer the materials will be.
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