Exobots solutions to NFT games issues
The first thing we need to fix in order to change how the community will perceive our game is to set and focus thoroughly our foundational premise:
Exobots: Omens of Steel is, above anything else, a videogame
As such, the team plans to create a high-quality product with absolute dedication, with rich lore, different game modes, deep and entertaining mechanics to craft, merge and build squads, and so on. The game will receive events, updates, patches and new content on a normal basis during its lifecycle, and it will be aiming to stay attractive and active in the long run.
To this end, Exobots will be treated primarily as a videogame that the community wishes to play because it fulfills its main goal: be entertaining, fun and competitive, while not as a mere tool to make some quick money and relegating its game nature to a second plane. Instead, we will treat the play to earn feature as just one more of the alluring traits of our ambitious project, which will reward players who enjoy playing the game with some money thanks to this new NFT gaming model.
At this point, it is clear that we need a new economic model for sustainable Play To Earn games.
Introducing Play To Earn 2.0
To prevent the token’s value from falling and leaving investors and holders stuck with it, the game’s token, EXOS, will be usable to purchase certain boosts and features to quicken the player’s progress, though everything will be available for free if you spend enough time to get it. This way, the economy is in constant decentralized circulation and granting incentives to the players to keep using it.
On the other hand, the marketplace, in which players will be able to trade with pieces, resources and Exobots will work in BNB, ensuring this way the currency stability and giving the economy system a much more solid ground to stand on. Of course, nothing keep users from exchanging their EXOS at any moment they desire.
To fix the ROI issue we mentioned in the previous section, and to avoid bot exploits, we will limit the rewards obtained from the play to earn feature to how much each player is able to craft and sell at the marketplace and a certain % of the incoming volume to distribute through the missions mentioned above, meaning this will indeed allow the player to enjoy that extra trait of our game to make some money by playing it, but not in unsustainable amounts.
In order to avoid an entry wall that prevents new players from joining, Exobots will be free to play.
Exobots: Omens of Steel will be free to play for everyone
Buying equipment or new Exobots will only be optional. We expect engaged and committed players will contribute more to the economy in the long term.
The first thing to note is that there won’t be a rewards token. Previously we were considering a token called MCE that was going to serve this purpose, but from now on, this is no longer the case. EXOS will be the only token in the Exobots ecosystem.
Players will be able to earn in three different ways:
  • Selling game items in the market place
  • Daily missions where we share part of the proceeds coming from the token transaction fees
  • EXOS allocation reserved for top players on the P2P leagues
Investors can earn money too via EXOS staking.
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