Every Exobot counts with five stats: HP, AP, DEF, SPD and CRIT. All of these stats will vary depending on the Exobot’s core and pieces which you get at random and in an exclusive combination every time you purchase an Exobot.
  • Health Points (HP): determines an Exobot durability in combat. If an Exobot HP is reduced to zero, it will be defeated.
  • Attack Power (AP): determines how much damage an Exobot causes by attacking its enemies.
  • Defense (DEF): determines how much damaged will be reduced from every attack taken by an opponent.
  • Speed (SPD): determines the order in which each Exobot will be able to take action each turn.
  • Critical (CRIT): determines the probability an Exobot has to land a critical hit when attacking. Landing a critical hit will cause the attack to deal double damage.
Each part determines the stats not only for its main type, but they will also have gen sub routines that will not change their appearance, but they will change the stats they provide. For example, you can pull an Exobot with a Groundsmasher left arm, but it may also have Stronghold and Deathbringer gens, which will ultimately decide the final stats they apply to your Exobot, so even if two pieces look the same, they are not necessarily identical.
Aside from the parts and the gens, each Exobot has an inner Core that grants a larger boost to that type's main stats.
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