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We started with the Slum Brawl game mode and the PvP battle mode of the game will be added in later updates of the Alpha version.


Slum Brawl will be the available and playable mode for the upcoming release of Exobots: Omens of Steel Alpha.
In this mode, players will roam around Metron City slums to fight many enemies and claim their place as the district leaders, engaging in an endless series of battles and competing to see who can beat more enemies and reach the furthest. In Metron City, only the strongest last the longest!
Players will be able to build their own squad consisting of 3 Exobots, which will be pulled beforehand creating random combinations. In this Alpha, players will also be able to reroll their squads as many times as they like to try different builds, enabling them to discover their favorite gaming style. Don't forget to pick the most appropriate position for each Exobot!
Exobots Slum Brawl ALPHA (New version)
After entering Slum Brawl, players will face consecutive fights against enemy teams formed by a random combination of different foes in 3v3 battles. But beware; your team will not heal after each fight, so you'll need to manage your health properly to make it as far as possible!
In addition to this, every 5 rounds, players will face a challenging boss fight. If you are victorious, the difficulty will increase for the next series of battles, so fights will gradually get harder and harder!
Exobots Slum Brawl ALPHA (Old version)


On Battle Mode, players will be able to fight each other (PvP) to put their Exobots and strategies to the test. These battles will take place in real time against a human opponent, so you’ll need to play your cards very wisely.
Build your squad, consult the cards, routines and parts of each Exobot in your squad menu and be ready for an intense battle!
Exobots Battle game mode (PvP) - ALPHA Version