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Exobots: Omens of Steel held its first playable demo on mid December, 2021. This way, the team wants to show the community the game development progress and allow them to experience their first contact with the game so they can begin to have a hint of what they can expect.
This demo, however, was released at a very early stage of progress, prior even to the alpha version, so players can expect the game to change significantly in the upcoming months. But despite this, Exobots team considers it will be very possitive for the progress to count with the community feedback and have them share their feelings about the game.
The demo wants also ultimately to show the basics of the gameplay mechanics and give the players a hint of what Exobots battles will be about.
How To Play - DEMO Version
The demo has been released on our official website: on December 2021 but now, is no longer available due to the release of the superior version (Alpha). It was available for PC, MacOS, iOS (App Store) and Play Store
DEMO Full Gameplay