Exclusion of liability
Please note that this document is intended to inform and provide a description of Metrobots Games S.L. project, its token EXOS and NFT game, and the intended future use of the EXOS, and therefore it does not create any binding legal obligation. Furthermore, it is an initial summary of the business objectives that Metrobots Games S.L. has determined based on the characteristics of its project. In any case, before acquiring the EXOS, you should especially consider the following:
a. Neither the Exobots: Omens of Steel nor its tokens will be available to minors or any natural or legal person who is in a country or jurisdiction where the holding of cryptocurrencies is prohibited by law or specific policies, as well as to those natural persons who are citizens, nationals, residents or have a similar connecting factor to that territory, including legal persons incorporated, registered or effectively managed or controlled in such territories.
b. EXOS is configured as a utility token and not as a security token, not representing or conferring, in any case, any ownership, participation, share, or equivalent rights over Metrobots Games S.L.
c. This Whitepaper does not constitute an informative prospectus, prospectus, or offering document validated by the CNMV or any other competent administration. Nor does it constitute a solicitation of investment or offer of financial instruments and securities.
d. Any decision to purchase EXOS should be based on a consideration of this Whitepaper as a whole.
It is the sole responsibility of the investor to ensure that, for the purpose of acquiring EXOS, it does not require any prior or subsequent authorization, notification, registration, or license based on the country of which it is a citizen or resident in the case of an individual, or incorporated in the case of a legal entity.
Metrobots Games S.L. shall in no event be liable for any failure of the investor to comply with the foregoing.
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