How Merge works

The word Merge is the one chosen by the Exobots team to call the process of creating new robots, which in other games is known as Breeding.

The Merge is an in-game only option where players will be able to merge two Exobots to create a third one, although this does not mean that neither of the two you are going to use will disappear. You only need to choose two robots from your gallery and the part you want to merge from each one.

*NOTE: If your Exobot, is a Digital Collectible and you want to merge it, you need to check the white box before start the merge process.

The first thing you must do for this is to have enough Capsules, which can only be acquired in the Exobots Store (pink capsules for NO Digital Collectible robots) or in the Marketplace (blue capsules for Digital Collectible robots).


  • Pink capsules: can be used to merge robots as long as they are NOT Digital Collectible. You can buy these kind of capsules in the Exobots Store (in-game)

  • Blue capsule: are used to merge Digital Collectible Exobots. You can buy the blue capsules in the Exobots Marketplace

Each Merge will consume a certain amount per box and will always consume the Merge cost of the highest Exobot. That is to say, if you are going to make a Merge between a robot that has consumed 1/6 Merges and another with 3/6 Merges it will consume the one with the highest cost, 4 capsules in this case.

It is important to say that in the Merge system you can choose a part of each ascendant and guarantee that it will be irremovable in the result, that is, you will keep the part of each robot that interests you the most and you will not lose it during the merge, since the resulting Exobot will keep it.

*NOTE: For the balance to appear correctly you must link your MetronID in the game, in your personal profile, and in the Marketplace also in your profile.

The cost table is as follows:

Merge cost with:Required capsules:

0/6 Merges

1 Capsule

1/6 Merges

2 Capsules

2/6 Merges

3 Capsules

3/6 Merges

4 Capsules

4/6 Merges

5 Capsules

5/6 Merges

6 Capsules

Genes in the Merges:

Let's clarify some points and explain how the genetics of the Exobots work. Each Exobot has a table of 18 genes that form its statistics and cards.

The Main Routine is the one that has the most weight since it is the one that visually forms how your Exobot is, besides giving you the cards with which you will be able to play. In addition the Core is defined as the majority of equal genes in the Main Routine of the Exobot, in the example below we have in the main routine: 3xRenovator, 1xSumrak, 1xGroundsmasher and 1xCodebreaker. This will define that the robot will have a Renovator Core which will give it a specific stats boost for this kind of Exobot. NOTE: in case of a tie in genes the Core will be randomized between those two options that have tied.

Having explained the genes and the importance of the Main Routine we are going to explain with an example how the Exobot Merge works. For this we are going to use as an example the 'Helmet' of two robots although this process is the same for each of the 6 parts.

Helmet Exobot.1

Helmet Exobot.2

When generating the Genes you will take into account that for the Main Routine there is a greater chance of getting Renovator or Stronghold, but this does not mean that you are limited to those two options only, you could also get any of the Sub1 or Sub2 with less probability.

That is to say, in this case we could make a Merge between a 'Renovator' and a 'Stronghold' but we could get a 'Scapmaster' Helmet. The probability is lower but it can still happen.

After the Merge process, our Exobot will be added to our in-game inventory and it will automatically appear in the Marketplace. Although the process is complex to master, it must be taken into account that there are certain rules for Exobots:

- If they are considered offspring, direct ancestry or share some of the Exobot Source they will not have the merge available to each other.

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