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Battle system

Battles in Exobot: Omens of Steel will take place between two players, each of them controlling a team of 3 Exobots. Before every battle, a player needs to set up their team and build their cards deck.
The battle take place in turns. To decide the order, the game will compare all SPD values and set them from the highest to the lowest. Everytime it’s an Exobot’s turn, the player will choose the card they want to play and it will cause its effect immediately, moving on to the next Exobot in according to the turn’s order.
Slum Brawl LAUNCH version
Using cards will consume different points of energy, so choose wisely how to play them so you don’t run out of it before the turn ends. When it does, both players get to draw new cards and charge their energy up.
On every new round beginning, players will see part of their energy bar replenished and draw a new card for each Exobot in their squad, as long as it doesn't exceed the hand maximum. The number of cards drawn may increase if some of your Exobots have fallen already during the battle.
When building your squad, you also need to be wary of the position you choose for every Exobot, as they are very relevant. Due to the distance system, attack cards have a certain range to reach for their enemies, so the ones on the back line can only be reached by attack cards with distance 3, while the ones on the front line can be reached by any with distance from 1 to 3, so make sure to choose wisely.
Past versions:
Exobots Battle in-game ALPHA (old version)
Exobots Battle in-game BETA (Slums Brawl mode)