Each piece from every Exobot will grant the player two cards to allow them to customize their decks and builds. These cards are very important, for they are played every time it’s your Exobot’s turn, resulting in the action your Exobot will perform.
How do cards work?
Cards can be of three different types: attack, heal and utility. Each of these effects can be easily identified by the card’s color, which will be indicated on the upper colored line. If a card has different effects, all color types will be displayed here.
  • Attack cards are meant to deal damage. They can do this in many different ways, but the ultimate purpose of said card is the same. Their color is red.
  • Heal cards will always restore HP, it doesn’t matter if it’s via regeneration, to a single target or to the whole team. Their color is green.
  • Utility cards will play useful effects such as buffs, debuff removal, etc. Their color is blue.
Cards in-game from ALPHA Version
All cards have one thing in common: they all consume energy. This is indicated on the left upper corner of the card. On the lower half, a description of the card effect will be displayed.
Distance will be also displayed on attack cards, indicating how far they can reach when choosing the enemy.
Card in-game from ALPHA Version
Cards from DEMO version
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