Exobots: Omens Of Steel
Exobots: Omens of Steel is a turn-based battle NFT game with a sustainable 'Play to Earn' model, featuring different game modes such as Adventure, Battle or Slums Brawl.
To join the game, a limited run of Exobots will be offered for players to purchase and dispose of at launch. Exobots purchased in this way will be randomly generated by unique combinations of parts, core and genes, thus forming an NFT.
This online game will allow the player to earn tokens while completing certain missions. In order to compete it is necessary to buy Exobots to form a complete squad composed of 3 Exobots with which you can play in any of the game modes offered or trade with them in the Marketplace.
Exobots: Alpha Gameplay
In addition to this, the game will feature an elaborate crafting and merge system, allowing players to also trade other items and materials that will be valuable to these mechanics.
Each of these pieces have their own stats, which along with the core type, will determinate the final properties of the resulting Exobot.
Game loading window
User login window mockup
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