Exobots: Omens Of Steel

Exobots: Omens of Steel is a real game with a sustainable and revolutionary 'Play and Earn' model, featuring different game modes such as Adventure, Battle or Slum Brawl. In Exobots, you can fight with your own squad formed with different parts of the seven pure robots. Throughout the game, you will be able to battle with another squad and demonstrate the special features and skills acquired thanks to the unique combinations of parts, core and genes of every Exobot. Users will be able to choose between Slum Brawl mode, where they will battle against different enemies from Metron City; or PvP mode, to play real battles with friends or other players. Are you ready to conquer Metron City?
Soon, Exobots will allow each player to earn EXOS tokens by completing certain missions, and in addition to playing with your squad, you will be able to trade with them in the Marketplace and thus get a solid team with which to win every battle.
The game will feature an elaborate crafting and merge system, allowing players to also trade other items and materials that will be valuable to these mechanics. Each of these pieces have their own stats, which along with the core type, will determinate the final properties of the resulting Exobot.
ALPHA Gameplay (Version 0.20.0)


  1. 1.
    Real gaming experience with a PvP mode
  2. 2.
    Battle with several enemies from Metron City in Slum Brawl mode
  3. 3.
    Play-and-Earn revolutionary model upcoming
  4. 4.
    Change your squad anytime in the ‘Squad’ section
  5. 5.
    Full view of all the details of each of your robots (cards, routines, core, merges...) as well as DEF, AP, SPD and CRIT points
  6. 6.
    Play in your language and change it in settings section (English, Spanish or Chinese)
  7. 7.
    NFT Marketplace upcoming
  8. 8.
    Use your EXOS token in the upcoming Marketplace
Game loading window - ALPHA version
User login window preview (available in coming versions)
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